Achievements & Experience:

🥊 Fight Experience
( 6W 2L )

🥊  WBC 2018 Malaysia Semi-Pro Match.
🥊 Pesaka Ultimate Warrior – (Kedah ) Freestyle Kickboxing
🥊 Open Silat ( Olahraga )
Shah Alam 2008 – 2009
🥊 Singapore Fighting Championship – MMA 2019



I come from an old school of thought, believing in putting yourself in uncomfortable places just so that you will have the will to push through the hardships.


I believe that martial arts are about balance, so I see myself as an old-school trainer with a mix of the sweet science to perfect my lessons. Hop in if you’re up for the journey with me! From your friendly neighbourhood Coach Ares!

The table above is planning, our coach will announce if there will be some changes through joint discussions between coach and participants. You will be contacted via Group WhatsaApp.